Vapour Blasting Is Ideal For Surface Restoration!

A great way to clean and restore old worn out surfaces...  Similar to how a sandblasting process works, vapour blasting is also used to attain similar results during cleaning and restoration of car surfaces. However, the primary difference between sand blasting and vapour blasting is the media used in both processes. While the media used in the sand blasting process is primarily sand, the media used in vapour blasting process is a mixture of compressed air, water and a mixture of detergents. That is why; vapour blasting is also called wet blasting in common parlance. 

Vapour blasting is a cleaner process...

The main advantage of using a vapour blasting machine is that it is a much cleaner way of restoring old car surfaces than a sand blasting machine. This is primarily due to the fact that vapour blasting uses water based cleaners; and the flushing of water provides a much cleaner finish than other processes. In stark contrast to what happens during the sandblasting process, the cleaning media used in the vapour blasting process does not penetrate the surface of cars. And that is precisely the reason why vapour blasting provides a much cleaner finish than any other process being used in the market today.

Advantages of vapour blasting process...

Let's look at some benefits of using this process.

1. It is a process that is totally devoid of dust

2. It does not leave any indentations on the surface of cars

3. It not only degreases but also blast cleans surfaces 

4. It results in a longer car surface life 

5.It offers a much cleaner finish than any other process 

Unique applications of vapour blasting process...

Let's look at some unique applications of this process.

1. To undertake car surface refinishing and degreasing jobs

2. To undertake cleaning of different moulds and dyes

3. To undertake removal of rust, paint and other unwanted deposits

4. To undertake preparation of car surface for refinishing later on

5. To undertake finishing of stainless steel & similar materials

6. To undertake cleaning of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other electrical components

Vapour blasting can be a great option for you...

If you are looking for a car surface refinishing process that can efficiently remove dirt, dust, grease, grime, paint and other contaminants without damaging the surface, then definitely the one process that you could benefit a lot from is the vapour blasting process. This process not only enhances the output of the refinished parts, but as a consequence also brings down the frequency at which these parts need to be refinished. And this is the sole reason why use of vapour blasting machine is getting increasingly popular in the market today.  

Moreover, if you are also concerned about the dry dust that is created during the sandblasting process, you could definitely consider switching to the vapour blasting process, which is a much cleaner and completely dust free option. By using vapour blasting process, you would have cleaner machine parts, which would not only last longer, but also offer you bigger savings in return.