Donor parts
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As donor parts are specified or obtained they will be listed and discussed here

Weights of parts

The main Donor

I had been leaning towards a Fiero donor for the reasons already covered, only ruling out an MR2 on cost grounds. A suitable MR2 was found however and for me is a good donor for the same reasons the Fiero is a good donor. As the build progresses it may turn out that some other parts are needed from different donors, but I'll cover that if/when it happens.  

donor.jpg (78481 bytes)

engine.jpg (90965 bytes)

rear left side.jpg (80512 bytes) rear left close up.jpg (82979 bytes) rear left hub.jpg (66953 bytes)

'86 Toyota MR2

1.6L 16V twin cam

Left rear side

Left rear side (2)

Left hub

As you can see there is some minor body panel damage (which doesn't matter) and there had been a metal water pipe burst in the engine bay. I heard it run for a few seconds (no water!), but this told me a lot. Mainly that the engine electrics were complete and operational and the fuel system was also. It has a nice set of alloy wheels and the brakes work fine. All in all a most suitable donor.

I intend to fix the water problem and test the car thoroughly up until the time comes that I have to break it. The engine will probably need a rebuild, but will come after the initial build and test, and before the final build.

front left.jpg (75269 bytes)

front left from front.jpg (65388 bytes)

front left from top.jpg (95658 bytes)

Views of the left front corner

The strip-down begins

The car has now been moved to its final strip down place so that I can remove parts for final measuring, cleaning and eventual refit. The parts seem to be in good condition, but I don't know if its down to Florida weather, Toyota design, previous owners care or luck! Many of the previously taken measurements can now be revised and my computer model updated. The first part off was the rack which is shown at a trail positioning to determine the mounting bracket design. Next picture shows the hub assembly removed and fitted back into the wheel for further measurements. 

front-rack-position.jpg (48433 bytes)  First rack positioning  front hub and wheel.jpg (67412 bytes)  Front hub in wheel

gearshift in MR2.jpg (108594 bytes)  Cable gearshift, still in the MR2  radiator.jpg (105144 bytes) Radiator (No, really :))

rear drive short.jpg (58987 bytes)  rear drive long.jpg (77795 bytes) Left and right driveshafts and hubs.

engine out 01.jpg (137813 bytes) Engine out  engine locating 01.jpg (136915 bytes)  engine locating 02.jpg (81689 bytes)  Positioning the engine.

022002 rear steer link before mod.jpg (47255 bytes)  Rear non-steer link before lengthening.

082502 tank.jpg (147499 bytes) Fuel tank, not really suitable for my use, but I'll re-use the sender and pump.